Greg is the self proclaimed “geeky” guy of the group, but loves his racing and the Brownstyle Racing team none the less.

1. What is your role on the crew?

Essentially, I do what is asked of me. If they need a tool, I go get it, if they need an extra hand, I lend it. During practices, I am checking tire temps and brake temps. I feel that I am there when I am needed and hopefully out of the way when I am not.

2. At what point did you get in to racing/become a racing fan?

Well, that question has a fairly long answer. I lived in Kannapolis NC, which is the home of Dale Earnhardt Sr. But, never once did I go to a race, or a race track or anything like that. Then I met my wife, and she took me to my first ever race, it was at Charlotte Motor Speedway. Fast forward a few years, we meet Tony White, he talked me in to going to Bowman Gray Stadium and my wife was happy that he did. I listened to Tony spot for Jon Boy at my first ever BGS race, and I was hooked.

3. How did you link up with the Jonathan Brown crew?

Tony White actually, he introduced me to Jon Boy and the car owner at the time, and I started helping then, I haven’t helped him every year, but I do try to help when I can.

4. When you are not at the race track, what are you doing?

You can usually find me enthralled in some form of geekiness or working. I have been known to play a few video games, as well as read a few books. During the cooler parts of the year you will find me on my outside on my RZR.

Greg also owns Ryan’s Appliance and can fix your washers, dryers, refrigerators, stove, dishwashers and the occasional garbage disposal.  Serving Winston-Salem and outlying areas, call 336-724-1500 for more info.